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Dear God, please take care of your servant John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
This lady has inspired me more than anyone would know. She has showed me what true class and sophistication is. You shouldn't hide your intelligence. For this I want to say thank you Mrs. Kennedy for all that you have taught me.

I love you Jackie!

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IMO: LDR’s New Video & Getting Something Off My Chest

IMO I like the song and the video. Lately I’ve been seeing at lot of negative reactions to Ms. Del Rey’s video to National Anthem. I think that people should take it seriously but not too seriously. Before I blew off the handle, I went a did a little research on the video, and the director of the video explained the concept of the video. The concept of the video was not to make fun of the Kennedy assassination, but to show the feeling of loss, especially the loss of someone you love and they decided to look at it through Mrs. Kennedy’s point of view. They also felt that the relationship between JFK and Jackie was a relationship that was of perfect couple, but had dark sides in their relationship. If they were to make fun of the assassination, they could have showed the bullet hitting the person portraying JFK, but you only hear one shot and there is not blood shown and Ms. Del Ray isn’t in the pink suit. The video could have been done differently if they were trying to make fun of the assassination, but it wasn’t. If people read the interview with the director they would understand the concept of the video. I personally wouldn’t take it too serious because I am not a member of the Kennedy Family and I have yet to hear a member of the family make a statement about the video. If they are not offended of the video, then who are we to be offended for them. I’m not defending Ms. Del Ray’s video and if you cannot accept my opinion and you are that offended by own personal opinion you can unfollow and I would not be offended, people who are open to other’s opinions wouldn’t bother them because they still believe what they want to believe. Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion and shouldn’t ridiculed because their opinion doesn’t follow everyone else. I know people are going to say that I’m not a true “Kennedette”, but I know where I stand. If I worried about everything negative that was ever written, said or how they were portrayed, I would be a wreck. I don’t agree with everything that is said or written about them in a negative way, but I accept that its something that I cannot change and its someone’s opinion, as long as I know the truth. It is not my intent to change someone’s opinions or to pass judgement on how someone feels, but I do feel that things should sometimes be looked at from both sides.

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