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Forever my favorite

You can see her accent in the last gif and I love it

She’s so cuuuteeee!

this is why I love her

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"I felt that all of their strains and stresses, which any sensitive people have in a marriage, have eased to a point where they were terribly close to each other…he appreciated her gifts and she worshipped him and appreciated his humor and his kindness, and they really had fun together."

— Janet Auchincloss on JFK and Jackie’s marriage after 10 years

still just as beautiful even after ten years :)

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Ethel and Bobby Kennedy, with their 10 children, at their home Hickory Hill in McLean, Virginia.

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The Blogs Sweet Caroline and John-John Kennedy will be deleted soon, probably by the end of the week. I have been thinking about this for a long time and its hard maintaining multiple blogs along with getting my work done for school. Thank you all for following these blogs 

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25. Juni 1953

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DONT FIGHT IT - no matter what you do, your heart will beat for a kennedy, sooner or later !!!

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Rose Kennedy’s Family Album - Rosemary Kennedy reading on the beach in Hyannis Port, 1935.

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More from JFK’s short film for his “Muscle Gap” campaign.

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how cute is this??? reminds me of another pic later on of ted and johnjohn