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Dear God, please take care of your servant John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
This lady has inspired me more than anyone would know. She has showed me what true class and sophistication is. You shouldn't hide your intelligence. For this I want to say thank you Mrs. Kennedy for all that you have taught me.

I love you Jackie!

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AWW bobbys hands are so funny !


"A smiling Senator Kennedy waved goobye to Jacqueline after she had driven him to his office. He knew that while he was busy with his political duties, she would be back in their home pursuing her equally demanding tasks, keeping their household running smoothly, preparing for his return".


First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy attends a Horse and Cattle show in Pakistan. 


"I want to live my life, not record it." -Jacqueline Kennedy


Jacqueline Kennedy attending the Tea for Wives of New Ambassadors. Sept. 20 1961

“I was never any different once I was in the White House than I was before. Suddenly, everything that’d been a liability before—your hair, that you spoke French, that you didn’t just adore to campaign, and you didn’t bake bread with flour up to your arms— … suddenly became wonderful because anything the First Lady does that’s different, everyone seizes on—and I was so happy for Jack.” -Jacqueline Kennedy


Never before seen photos of JFK’s and Jackie’s September 12, 1953 wedding. 

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